Rally Support Packages

Rally Support Packages

On-event mechanical, technical and logistical assistance for rally events across the globe

Our Torque Racing Services team has many years of experience to help you achieve your dream to compete in an International Rally.

We can help you through all the preparation, planning and skills training you will need to participate. Bike builds and conversions, equipment installation and even roadbook navigation training can all be done at our extensive workshop facility in Cambridgeshire, UK.

We are the UK agent for the biggest rally in Europe, the Hellas Rally in Greece. Our dedicated team of mechanics will look after you and your bike. We offer everything including shipping your bike and kit to and from the event and dealing with all the customs/Carnet paperworkWe even have catering available for all our riders and team members.

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Our Support Package includes:

  • Experienced and dedicated rally mechanics to service your bike during the event
  • 6-Wheel-Drive Service Truck equipped with everything from welding equipment, heavy tools, jet wash and even a fridge and coffee machine!
  • 5 boxes (approx. 32x40x60cm) per rider for spare parts and personal items
  • Help and guidance through the administration process.

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The road to Dakar 2025

Torque Racing will be going back to the Dakar Rally in 2025 with three riders – one with Dakar experience and two with European Rally experience. We will have two mechanics, a logistics team and support vehicles with dedicated drivers. Lots of planning and organising to do.

Follow our journey here…

Days to prologue

1st October 2022

The first of three bikes we’ve built for next season’s qualifying events.

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